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Student Devices

We have now completed our 1:1 initiative at Three Lakes, which puts hp netbooks in the hands of all 5th through 12th grade students. We are excited and proud to be educating our students in a blended learning environment, preparing our children for post-secondary education/training and 21st Century jobs.

All students have been instructed as to how to use and care for their devices. Their teachers have shown them how to navigate the teacher websites and organize their documents and files in Google Apps. Should your child ever be unsure of what the assignment is or how to access it, they should talk directly with their teacher. If there is a problem with the device itself, students may ask a classmate, their teacher, or the assistant technology coordinator, Mrs. Wipperman.

It is important to note that, while internet service is convenient to have at home, it is not required for the students to complete their online school work. Documents, videos, projects, and required reading can be downloaded to the laptop before leaving school so students can access the necessary work at home. Students also have the opportunity to access their work during study hall, or they can attend after school study and complete online work at that time, utilizing the wireless network at school.

We believe that putting the devices in the hands of the students enables them to gain the necessary skills and experiences required of 21st Century learners.


When students or parents have a problem or question about the assigned work:

1. Browse the teacher website

2. Talk with the classroom teacher

3. Message or email teacher

When students or parents have a problem or question about the device:

1. Ask a classmate for help

2. Ask the classroom teacher for help

3. Message or email Mr. Gruszynski for help

4. Parents can contact Mr. Gruszynski by phone or email:

Ph: 715-546-3323 ext. 258



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