Three Lakes Jr / Sr High School

  • 6930 West School Street
  • Three Lakes, WI 54562
  • Phone: 715-546-3321
  • Fax: 715-546-2828
  • Principal
    Gene Welhoefer

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mikeroweWORKS Foundation - Scholarships for skill-based professions. The foundation was started by Mike Rowe of Dirtiest Jobs to provide financial assistance to qualified individuals with a desire to learn a skill that is in demand.

Local Scholarships  
Local scholarships are those sponsored by local businesses or organizations and handled through the school district. Local organizations and committees set the guidelines for the scholarship and select individuals who will receive these awards. Information about these scholarships — and applications for them — will be given out during second semester. A meeting will be held in February to give seniors a scholarship packet and to answer questions about various scholarships. Completed scholarship forms are due in the guidance office in March. The specific deadline dates will be posted on the school website, in the daily school announcements, and reminders will be made in classrooms. Students are responsible for following the specific directions for each scholarship.

Non-local Scholarships
Non-local scholarships are awards given by businesses or organizations on a state, regional or national level. These scholarships have guidelines that are set by the organizations that sponsor the scholarships. Information regarding these scholarships comes through the guidance office and is passed to the students through daily announcements and posted on the website. When researching these scholarships, please pay attention to requirements and deadlines for the awards.


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Scholarship Name Category Due Date Amount
Non-Local 4/1/2017 various
Non-Local 5/29/2017 $7,000 available
Non-Local 5/31/2017 $2,500
Non-Local 6/1/2017 $1,000
Non-Local 6/1/2017 $1,000
Non-Local 6/2/2017 $500
Non-Local 6/17/2017 $1,000
Non-Local 6/17/2017 $1,000
Non-Local 6/30/2017 $500
Non-Local 6/30/2017 $1,000
Non-Local 6/30/2017 $1,000
Non-Local 7/31/2017 $500
Non-Local 7/31/2017 $500
Non-Local 7/31/2017 $1,000
Non-Local 8/1/2017 $500
Non-Local 12/25/2017 $2,000
Non-Local 12/31/2017 $500

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  • Three Lakes Junior/ Senior High
  • 6930 W School St., Three Lakes, WI 54562
  • Phone: 715-546-3321 | Fax: 715-546-2828